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About Moose Kid Comics

What is Moose Kid Comics?

Moose Kids Comics is a glorious 36-page, free to read, digital children’s comic. It features over 40 of the best comic artists working today, from well-established heroes to newer talents from the indie and web scenes. Each contributing their own entirely original characters, exclusively for our comic.

No-one involved makes any profit, all artists have given their time for free.

Why was it created?

We created Moose Kids Comics for three main reasons:

  1. To entertain comic readers and win new audiences.
  2. To show how fantastic a children’s comic can be when artists create it themselves.
  3. To open up the discussion about how we can make children’s comics great again.

Here in the U.K, mainstream children’s comics have been dying out, especially ones featuring original content. The Phoenix and The Beano are the only commercially available weekly titles still producing entirely original characters, but they are competing against big-name licensed titles based on TV shows or merchandising.

We want to help change things. We want to be creating the next generation of loveable characters for the world to embrace, all created by artists who retain their copyrights and put all their heart into their creations.

We want to remind both children and adults alike how fantastical and imaginative comics can be, and to help bring children’s comics back into the public consciousness.

What happens next?

Moose Kids Comics was set up as an idea, the comic we’d like to make as artists. It wasn’t designed with any business plan alongside, or any attempt at mass distribution, since attempting to release it onto the shelves against the existing competition would be too big a task for us.

Instead, Moose Kids Comics is a statement.

It’s a declaration of what we can do. It’s concrete proof of the high quality entertainment we can create, and the heart and passion of all the talented artists who want to help change children’s comics for the better. It’s our way of saying we’re due for a massive revival, and to open up the discussion: How, exactly, do we achieve this?

We’ll be taking our first issue to all the publishers, merchandisers and TV networks in our combined contacts, to either find a future for the project or at the very least, give some of our characters and artists a step up into other media. What we’d also like to do is get a whole bundle of copies printed, and released on a massive scale, through charities and schools, into hospitals and across the world, everywhere children (and adults) could do with a smile. We’ll be looking into ways to fund this idea.

Whatever happens, we’re keen to make future issues, and keep this conversation going. Children deserve high-quality, original entertainment, and we think we can create some rather wonderful characters for them to believe in.

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Moose Kid Comics created and edited by Jamie Smart. Editorial Advisors: Chris Garbutt and Andy Davidson. Design advice: Matt Baxter. Website built by Sam Hardacre. All works and characters contained herein are copyright 2015 to their respective artists. This has been a Fumboo Ltd production.